Want to prevent disease? 5 changes to make now!


Surely anyone can agree that prevention of disease is so much better than treatment! Wouldn’t you agree? Below you can find 5 quick tips to improve your health today and prevent disease tomorrow!

  1. Experiment with new healthy foods. Remember, your body responds to whatever you put into it, even if you do not feel it straight away (or if you ignore the response). The response can be different levels of inflammation in tissues that can over time lead to auto-immune disease. And we definitely don’t want that! Today, try to incorporate a salad into your day. Take away something that you know doesn’t serve you. Try it just for today. Then check how you feel by the evening. When you cook next time, replace white rice with brown rice or millet; try to make a quinoa salad. Experiment with a new grain. Go to health food store and buy a grain that you have never cooked before. Come home, find the recipe and experiment. Amaranth and quinoa are high in protein, so they will keep you full longer, especially if you are vegetarian. Rediscover new breakfast foods – try a protein shake with almond milk, steel cut oats instead of instant oatmeal, veggie scramble instead of sugar-loaded cereal.
  2. Increase amount of water that you drink. Make sure you drink at least 5 regular glasses (12 oz) a day. Drink actual water, not anything else, with no additives.  Try to do it between the meal or when you feel the munchies, you might actually be thirsty and not hungry then. This alone can lead to weight loss if that’s what you are after. If not, it will improve your skin and make sure that all your cells are plump and hydrated.
  3. Increase your fiber intake. If you are not sure that you can get enough fiber every single day, buy a supplement. I recommend Renew Life Fiber Smart or Wellbetx PGX. In order to get enough natural fiber each day, you will need to get a lot of whole grains and vegetables a day. Often even for healthy diet a small supplementation of fiber can make a big difference. Try adding flax seeds or shia seeds to your salads and shakes, this a good sneaky way to also increase fiber.
  4. Increase healthy fats. Not all fats were created equal. So while eating few sticks of butter a day will most likely harm you over time, other types of fats are absolutely necessary for your cells. They make your cells elastic and improve the exchange of the information in them. Turns out what healthy fats actually do, they go into your cells and replace cholesterol with themselves! Doesn’t it blow your mind? So this is definitely worth a try! Try to replace other types of oil in everything that you do not cook (like salads and other raw recipes) with flax oil, Udo oil (combination of different healthy oils) and hemp oil. I love flax oil, because it has highest omega-3 content, and this one is what people are usually most deficient of. But I also use hemp oil and cook with olive oil to have a healthy balance.
  5. Start a journal. This will help you on your journey. It will only take 3-5 minutes in the morning and at night. Write down how you feel in the morning, what you will be doing today and how you feel. Weigh yourself and jot it down too, if weight loss is your goal. Write down what are you grateful for this morning. At night remember what you ate today and how you felt after those foods. Write down which supplements you took and if you noticed any difference in your energy levels or digestion. Write down what you did today that you really enjoyed.  In the beginning it might feel useless or silly and you will feel like stopping after a few days. But believe me, after about 2 weeks you will clearly see which foods and supplements, and what exercise works with your body and what doesn’t serve you.

Love, peace, baby greens


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  • Grusha says:

    Very interesting! Looking forward for more information and waiting for recipes with photos (step-by-step cooking). Good job.

  • Maximus says:

    Very helpful and useful tips ! Thank you. Have began to incorporate quinoa in my diet about few weeks ago and it’s actually tasty in you play around ))

  • Elsabe Richards says:

    Yor information on Nitrition is very sensible and valuable. Thx!!

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