150 foods panel

Food Sensitivities 150 Foods Panel

$ 475.00

Get tested for sensitivities to 150 foods and get a full report of the foods you react the most to and the ones you do not react to at all. Get rid of that silent inflammation now and for all!

Product Description

alcat food panel discount150 foods panel

Almond Amaranth Apple
Apricot Artichoke Asparagus
Avocado Baker’s Yeast Banana
Barley Basil Bay Leaf
Brewer’s Yeast Broccoli Brussels Sprout
Beef Bell Peppers red
Black Pepper Black-Eyed Pea Blueberry
Buckwheat Butternut Squash Cabbage
Caraway Carob Carrot
Candida Albicans Cane Sugar Cantaloupe
Cayenne Pepper Celery Cherry
Casein Cashew Cauliflower
Chicken Chickpea Cinnamon
Clam Clove Cocoa
Corn Cottonseed Cow’s Milk
Coconut Codfish Coffee
Cumin Date Dill
Crab Cranberry Cucumber
Eggplant Fig Flaxseed
Gluten/Gliadin Goat’s Milk Grape
Duck Egg White Egg Yolk
Fructose Garlic Ginger
Grapefruit Green Pea Haddock
Halibut Hazelnut Honey
Honeydew Melon Hops Iceberg Lettuce
Kidney Bean Kiwi Lamb
Lime Lobster Malt
Lemon Lentil Bean Lima Bean
Mango Millet Mushroom
Mustard Navy Bean Nutmeg
Oat Olive Onion
Orange Oregano Oyster
Papaya Paprika Parsley
Peach Peanut Pear
Pecan Peppermint Pineapple
Pork Psyllium Pumpkin
Pinto Bean Pistachio Plum
Radish Raspberry Red Beet/Beet Sugar
Rice (Brown/White) Rye Safflower
Sage Salmon Sardine/Herring
Scallop Sea Bass Sesame
Shrimp Snapper Sole
String Bean Sunflower Sweet Potato
Soybean Spinach Strawberry
Tapioca Tea Thyme
Tilapia Tomato Trout
Tuna Turkey Turnip
Vanilla Veal Walnut
White Potato Yellow Squash Blackberry
Watermelon Wheat Whey
Black Beans


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