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I know some of you are wondering where I studied and how Nadia’s Nutrition came to existence.
So today I decided to share my story.

First of all let me tell – I had a huge advantage over most people my age who grew up in the US. I grew up eating home cooked foods. Reason for that is pretty simple – there were no fast food restaurants in my tiny town and concept of eating out was never wide spread. My concept if eating out was visiting grandma. School food was a cooked meal with meat, potatoes, veggies and porridge. The drink would be compote or black tea with sugar. We did eat pastry with tea though.

At some point somebody started importing American foods from Alaska, so we suddenly got Hershey’s kisses, cakes, Snickers bars and sodas. My family bought that, but we were never eating much of it. It was a treat. The way we ate a Snickers bar was that we cut it in few slices and had it with tea for entire day for a family of 4. When I was first found out that it was meant for one person I was in shock!

Although I was lucky that junk food was scarce, large amounts of bread, pasta and pork were staples. Home-cooked meals are certainly an amazing plus, but not everything home cooked is healthy.

As we got more products from US everyone switched to margarine from butter and MSG laden Knorr stock cubes instead of making our own stock and everyone got a microwave of course! So sadly convenience started playing bigger role in how we ate, just as in all nations around the world.

As I moved out on my own at 17 I always cooked for myself in college and later for me and my husband. However, my digestive issues didn’t go away and I made peace with the fact that I will get a thyroid disease later in my life simply because every woman in my family had it.

Then I read a book “The Hudred-Year Lie” by pure chance. I went to local library looking for another book, but ended up going through the shelves and picking up this book. It scared me big time!

So, as my husband and I started switching to everything organic (but a lot still processed and pre-packaged), I’ve listened to “The Gerson Miracle” documentary that my husband put on to play on the background while I was getting ready to go out. It made so much sense!

Our body knows how to function! All it needs is proper nutrients and getting rid of toxins we accumulate throughout our life! Wow! So simple!

So we decided to give eating a ton of organic vegetables a try. It was a huge shift – we bought a water distiller, stopped adding much salt to foods and stopped buying packaged foods. We bought a juicer and made sure to have at least 2 juices a day. (For the record that’s not 100% what I’m doing now, but we still eat a ton of organic veggies and have a green juice each day). We felt more vibrant and energetic. My husband’s allergies improved dramatically. I was reading a lot of books on nutrition. At that point I was often asked about my diet.

Then I’ve heard advice to move in the direction of something that people already are asking you about. I thought food, but didn’t foresee how I could make big change in the world with what I knew.

So I searched for a school to study nutrition and business and found something that could fit my schedule pretty quickly – Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was so excited to learn about the school that I signed up straight away and I never looked back!

The knowledge that I received changed my health and taught me to live a much more balanced life with much less stress and much more love and respect for my body. I realized that my previous lifestyle with high stress job and very high intensity marathon training was constantly depleting my body. As a result of that and my surgery as an additional stressor I ended up with a hyperthyroid condition.

Through knowledge from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and paying attention to my body I was able to overcome this and my thyroid results came back normal! I learned first hand what a difference lifestyle and nutrition makes in our lives!

So if you are interested in health and wellness and want to make incredible changes in your health as well as help others, this program will teach you just that! In addition the IIN helps you with information on switching careers or working for yourself, so you can have more time and flexibility and truly create a life you love! Because what could possibly feel better than waking up each day and being excited about making a world a better place each day through the work you do?!

If you are interested in learning more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and their nutrition program, feel free to contact me to get a special discount on the program that you can only get through the graduate of the school! Please e-mail me at info @ nadiarichards.com with subject line “IIN course


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