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Aren’t we all searching for a doctor who will listen to us, take time to ask us questions, put our symptoms together to make a proper diagnosis? When we are concerned, we want the doctor to listen and understand and not to tell us that those concerns are empty and everybody has this kind of issue. With some doctors we feel guilty that we are wasting their time asking silly questions. Others make us feel like we are hypochondriacs and are concerned about unimportant things. Sometimes leaving the office we are left wondering if the doctor would ignore the issue raised just the same way he ignored yours if that was happening in his own body.

Sure, current system of doctor’s compensation does not encourage doctors to spend more than 10 minutes with one patient. But can we find someone who is devoted, sincere and truly healing?

I am so thankful to say that I have found my doctor. He not only listens to me, he also spends time explaining issues, thinking of different options, deciding on blood tests. I feel like he is as devoted to make sure that I have perfect health as I am myself. I feel truly cared for.

How do you find such a doctor? Below are few of my tips:

  1. Look for a doctor who will be specializing in functional or integrative medicine. Those doctors have regular board certifications, but went further to study functional medicine and nutrition to give the best benefits to their patients. Those doctors often take regular insurance plans.
  2. The doctor needs to embrace the wholeness of the body. He or she has to understand how one thing affects the other.
  3. This doctor will be looking for “creative” solutions to your problems, like healing your gut instead of prescribing steroid creams against psoriasis. He or she will think out of the box. Anyone can prescribe you drugs (and this kind of doctor will still do that if he sees that you truly need them), but not everyone can figure out what is really the cause of your symptoms.
  4. This doctor will most probably ask you to change into the gown and will examine you by touching your skin for proper diagnosis.
  5. Functional medicine doctor can put together your unexplained fatigue, weight gain and adult acne into a possible diagnosis, order proper blood work and start working with you on the root cause of the problem.
  6. This kind of doctor will never offer you drugs to mask the symptoms instead of healing the root cause of the disease.
  7. He or she will never say that genetics is everything and you will inevitably get same illnesses that your parents did.
  8. He or she will never overprescribe you antibiotics for illnesses that do not require those (just in case).

Are you convinced to embark on a search for a doctor who will not only be your healer, but also your friend? I was (and still am) absolutely ecstatic that I found such a person!

I have found this fantastic tool to look for a doctor. Click here to search for a functional medicine doctor.

One last tip: when you first see your doctor, make sure to list every single issue that have ever bothered you (you know those long questionnaires at doctor’s reception when you’re a new patient?). Functional medicine doctor will take those tiny issues seriously and ask you about them. It can help him or her to put things together, even if those seem like very minor issues to you. You will be surprised how minor things can make a huge difference in your health.

Good luck on your search and let me know how it goes!

Have you found a perfect doctor for you? Please share!

Love, peace, baby greens


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