New Vlog: How to Dye Hair with Henna

It was very complicated to figure out how to dye my hair with henna. I tried to dye may hair with henna first time few times and it didn’t work which got me really frustrated. I also started thinking that it just won’t work for me. But later I did a lot of research on the subject and after a lot of trial and error) have perfected the technique of dying hair with henna.

So there you go – step by step instructions:

  1. Use whole bag of henna (better if you have leftovers than not enough) and mix it in steel or iron container the night before with boiling water to have paste-like consistency (you can add more water next day, so don’t worry if it seems too thick, just make sure it is mixed properly with no clumps). I sometimes add beetroot juice, turmeric or coffee to it to make a slightly different color (beetroot juice or water from boiling beetroot is great if you want it to look more red). But anyway it seems like the color will come out depending on your natural pigment in your hair (it is usually somewhat different on different people). Leave it overnight.
  2. Next morning wash your hair with NO conditioner, brush and dry.
  3. Adjust henna consistency (don’t make it too runny, it might then run all over you and your furniture during the day)
  4. Put on silicone gloves and put plastic bag over your shoulders and under your feet in the bathroom because it can get messy and it stains.
  5. Apply henna from bottom layers up (I don’t really worry about how evenly I apply it, I use brush for the roots sometimes, and the rest I just kind of spread with my hands).
  6. Once you are done, massage your hair to get it all through. Put your hair up and put plastic bag and smth warm on top (the warmer it stays, the better, but watch out for it leaking).
  7. I keep it on my hair for 5 hours (btw just like most hair dyes it doesn’t really work well during or right before period, much better after )))
  8. You wash it off (will be messy too), it is at first a bit annoying because it feels like you can’t really wash it out properly as it seems. After washing as much as I can in the shower, I take a big bowl of water with a little vinegar or lemon juice (it prevents the color from fading away) and dunk my head there few times and then repeat till I see that almost all the particles are gone.
  9. You do NOT wash your hair and technically not supposed to use conditioner either, although lately I applied a tiny bit of conditioner just to the ends to be able to brush my hair.
  10. Do not wash your hair for 3 days.
  11. Not sure which of the steps are crucial, but it is how I do it and it stays on forever, never fades away (I only dye my hair when it grows out and I can see grays growing out – but they are never ever visible on the dyed hair, it doesn’t come off the grays!!!)

Good luck!!!

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Love, peace, baby greens


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  • Tasmanian Devil says:

    I use a different brand but I grew up with Ayur products and our family loved it. I love the conditioned effect of henna on my hair and use it as often as I can.
    Never used artificial hair coloring. I like the idea of adding beetroot juice. I add an egg to mine but I’ve been told that we can use tea concoction as well.

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