My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

healthy Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving is not exactly a holiday that I grew up with, but I definitely got accustomed to it and love that one day a year when everyone finds something to be thankful for.

So here I compiled a list of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes from fellow healthy bloggers! Enjoy!

1. Crispy Smashed potatoes by @OhSheGlows

2. Spaghetti Squash Mac’n’Cheese by @PopSugar

3. Paleo Orange Cranberry Muffins by @PaleoNewbie

4. Unbelievable Raw Citrus Cake by @CrazySexyKitchen

5. Pumpkin Custard by @ElanasPantry

6. Cardamon Sea Salt Chocolate Ganache Tart by @IQuitSugar

7. Quick and Simple Almond Cookies by @LMichelle

8. Caramel Apple Sangria (with farmer’s market fresh apple cider) by @TheWholesomeDish

9. Paleo Garlic Rolls by@NadiasNutrition – my recipe that goes so well on holiday table instead of regular garlic rolls and so easy to make too!

10. And for kiddos Dairy-Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream also by me ))

I hope I gave you some decent ideas on how to healthify your Thanksgiving table! Let’s do this! And… thank you!

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