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25 things you didn’t know about me

1. My native town is in permafrost zone. Which means ground is permanently frozen solid except for few inches on the top.

2. I studied in Finland as an exchange student at the age of 19 and had the time of my life.
3. I was kinda shy and quiet growing up. I would wake up and just read a book or play quietly without waking anyone up. I hated preschool.
2009-02-18 03.06.44
4. I was 17 first time when I left Russia. It was for vacation in Tunisia.
5. I don’t like eating mushrooms from early childhood. My parents and I would go picking them in the forest a lot and I saw worms in them several times, that completely turned me off. I’m trying to get back into eating them now.
6. Growing up I had a pet rat Lera who died when I was 13. She knew her name and would always run to me when being called.
7. My favorite language is Finnish.
8. I ran 2 marathons and a bunch of smaller races.
9. I love pushing my limits. I have to consciously stop myself sometimes and relax.
10. I never had a babysitter in my life. It was my mom or one of my grandmas looking after me.
11. I was born in Soviet Russia (USSR).
12. I’m very scared of all kinds of insects.
13. I have a dachshund who is named after a camera brand – Nikon.
2009-07-01 14.03.29
14. I had a few canaries growing up. One pair died because I didn’t feed them for a week. I still feel horrible thinking about that.
15. I went to English school. Somehow my parents knew that I’ll need English later.
16. I have a brother who is 5 years younger than me. He lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
17. I didn’t know too many non-Russian bands growing up. One that I liked was Savage garden. I still think Darren Hayes is cute.
18. My favorite TV shows growing up were Brazilian soap operas.
19. My first crush was superman (Christopher Reeve) when I was 5. I thought I’d marry him one day.
20. I never tried any kind of drugs. Never. My parents told me I’d lose brain cells and I trusted them. Somehow on other aspects they weren’t as convincing.
21. My favorite TV show of all time is Friends. Nothing better has ever been invented, period.
  2013-01-30 22.11.39
22. I always slept with some kind of stuffed animal. I still sleep with my stuffed bunny.
23. I used to be overweight in my early twenties. And this is my passport photo from that time.
2013-08-20 07.44.01
24. Sometimes when you hear me say  “sheet”, it might sound like “shit” and “beach” – like “bitch”. Forgive my accent ))
25. Russian is a very hard language to learn. If I weren’t a native speaker, I would have never learnt it.


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